Helpful Tips for Using iCloud

By now, everyone who uses Apple products knows what iCloud is. However, they may not be using all the features and functions it has to offer. Now is the time to learn a bit more about this innovative technology and how it can make your life better and easier. Here, any Apple product user can learn a few icloud tips that can help them when using this feature.

Activate iCloud on All Devices

One of the best things of iCloud is that it can be used across all the Apple devices a person has. To activate it on the Mac, use the steps outlined here.

  • Go to the system preferences and choose iCloud
  • Sign in with the set AppleID and password
  • Check each of the items that should be synced, which includes contacts, photos, etc.

For iPhones, iPads, and iPods, the process is a bit different. The first step is to choose “Settings” and then navigate to the iCloud menu to switch it on. At this point, the user will choose what they want to have saved in the cloud, just like on a Mac.

Sync all Essential Components

It is a good idea to sync all important content. Some of the top things to sync include bookmarks, reminders, notes, and contacts. This will allow a person to access the items regardless of what device they are on. This is what makes the iCloud so appealing.

Use iCloud Similar to How Dropbox is Used

There is a unique trick about iCloud that will allow a person to use it just like a virtual folder for storing any type of file desired. If a person uses Dropbox, they are likely familiar with this. To make sure that iCloud functions like Dropbox, turn on Documents & Data in the iCloud system preferences. Then, open the Finder window and press Command + Shift + G. In the dialogue box, type |/Library and scroll to Mobile Documents. This makes it easy to get and stay organized.

Using iCloud isn’t difficult. However, it requires some information you may not know. Using the tips here is the best way to make the most from iCloud.