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Finding the Best Employee Retention Software for Your Company The company that has a higher turnover rate is recognized as being in a complicated state, since, having such can be very harmful to a company’s productivity, and basically it is an occurrence caused by the act of the skilled and valuable workers to leave the company and in result were being replaced by the newbies and novices. The most common reasons for turnovers includes poor employer-manager relationships, absence of a clear career path, low employee morale, lack of recognition and many more, and the best way in order to reduce the turnover rates of a business company they should address the issues of their employees immediately and in a professional manner. In order to address the issues of the employees who might be planning to quit the company, the HR managers and employers should identify first the reasons or the issues of their employees before they could even think about quitting, and these are usually done by the employers in what they called as stay interview. Some of the benefits that an employer and HR or human resource manager can obtain upon doing a stay interview to the employees includes the knowledge of how to retain employees, the knowledge of how the company can improve by obtaining useful information, the chance to assess the degree of satisfaction of every employees in the company and the opportunity to build trust and establish rapport with the employees. Most of the companies are offering their employees with various benefits just to make their employees change their mind about resigning in their company and some of the most common benefits they tend to offer to their employees includes flexible schedule, paid holidays and paid sick days. One of the basic goals of every HR managers and employers, is the ability to retain your employees and that is what they called as employee retention which is being represented by a simple statistic and produced in a given period. To help increase the rate of their employee retention, retention programs were produced and designed by the business companies, and the programs produced by the companies includes career development, executive coaching, women’s retention program, orientation and onboarding, and motivating across generations. In this modern day and age, software program developers have come up with new ideas and modernized ways in providing every business companies, especially the HR managers and employers the chance to have a light workload in processing the increase of their employee retention rate and this is what they called as employee retention software. There are a lot of developing companies that produces software programs that are designed to provide assistance for every businesses with the common goal of increasing the employee retention rates within their company, and most of the available software products that can be found in the online business world includes features like automated action plans, powerful turnover forecasting and meeting templates, and strategic tools that can basically help the user optimize, automate and setup a consistent programs such as stay interviews for the employees.

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Shortest Path Bridging (SPB)

For those of you who have been around long enough to know that “token ring” is not something a guy gives a girl when he’s not ready to get married but wants her to stick around, You are going to LOVE SPB! For those of you newer to networking, you’ll love it too, but perhaps not with the same level of appreciation.

And yes, I am almost afraid to admit that I understand that ArcNet is not a type of basketball shot, and that at one time ATM was NOT a machine that you used to withdraw funds from your account. But maybe that explains why I am so excited about the new era of networking that is known as “Fabric”.

Over the years we have seen the number of Data Link and Network Layer protocols whittled down to Ethernet and IP, while the number of routing protocols (RIP, RIPII, OSPF) and Transport Layers (UDP, TCP, RDP) increased to address the advent of new applications emerging. I stand in awe of the folks on the IETF along with their ingenuity to extend IPV4 well past its expected lifespan through creative methods devised via subnetting, use of private subnets, NAT, spoofing, etc. You really need to take your hat off to these creative individuals. Talk about making the most of something!

That being said, deploying a network in the era of the “Internet of things”, is to say the least quite challenging. Those of you who are tasked with maintaining the IP Addressing and extending the network to support the vast number of users and devices in a secure fashion are to be commended. I sympathize with all of you who have to carve out an IP range, negotiate for a maintenance window to deploy a new application, and then have to spend late night hours programming each switch (ingress/egress) with the IP addresses that you manually input. Hoping that you input each of the 32 bits correctly without a fat finger or dyslexic moment. Some of you are so adept at writing the scripts that are executed at each point that you remind me of those irritating folks in typing class (yes, back then it was typing, not keyboarding) that could type 100 words per minute without a mistake. Quite unnatural, even freakish I’d say. Anyway, back to networking. I almost forgot, multicast. Great IDEA! But woe to those of you with Cisco or Enterasys networks, should you be asked to deploy.

Welcome SPB!

I can only imagine that some very bright, out of the box thinkers must have been sitting in a room with a really big white board pondering these issues. Or perhaps they sat in a brew house discussing them over a few beers when they decided to make a list. This list consisted of all the networking protocols, and in another column all the services these protocols performed and in yet another column the problems the protocols were created to solve. Finally in the last column, all the challenges associated with them. I can just see them sitting back and asking themselves, “What if we could create a NEW networking standard that could do all the good things, and eliminate the problems”… hmmmm – the birth of SPB!

SPB is a scalable (it can grow really big!), extensible (it can support new devices, applications, etc.), secure (you can’t hack what you can’t see), fast (lots of high speed links), resilient (it can have a link or two or three… go down and your packets still get around), and simple (zero touch cores, endpoint only provisioning, no more scripts, maintenance windows, or all-nighters!).

Here are the common denominators of networking today:

Layer 1: Cabling standards:

* Copper Twisted Pair (Cat 6e). Yes, we still run into Cat 5e and via the use of ingenuous designs we can also ride over Cat 3 but…

* Fiber: Single Mode / Multi-Mode with SC or LC connectors

* Air Waves: 802.11ac is the current flavor of WiFi. In a very short time, everyone will be using ac. Since the standard is relatively new, you will see a lot of legacy WiFi with 802.11n, but manufactures are now offering APs that have software upgradeable options

* Layer 2: Ethernet 10/100/1000

There were a number of competing standards in the early days but Ethernet was declared the winner a long time ago (at least in networking years).

* Layer 3: IP Won in the Enterprise

There were also a number of competing standards in the early days but IP was declared the winner in that arena. Anyone shedding a tear over IPX or AppleTalk?

However, in the carrier space there have been protocols that we mere mortals rarely encounter. One of these protocols is IS-IS that is renowned for scalability. (This is a hint)

A new standard has emerged that blends the best of L2, L3 and the concept of virtualization, that standard is… SPB. It takes the best of all the rest and combines them to create a virtualized network with ease of configuration and inherent scalability through the use of IS-IS in the core of the Fabric. Ethernet endpoints can now be added to the Fabric by simply configuring the ingress (Entry point) port and Egress (Exit Point). The Fabric will automatically determine the best and shortest path through the network automatically.

How? The intermediate devices (switches with Fabric and SDN) communicate and negotiate to provide the Shortest Path with the best available service to Bridge the two Points together = SPB.

How? Well, the devices talk amongst themselves and exchange information about who knows about what and they maintain tables of the paths, their speed and link states.

SPB uses the concept of VLANs but at a whole new level. While VLANs imposed a limit of 4096 VLANs, SPB allows over 16 Million VRFs (Virtual Route Fabric) to be created and SPB devices are provided VID (Virtual InDentifiers). Those of you who are familiar with Routing protocols and the concept of Link States will be right at home with SPB, because as I previously stated, SPB took the best of the rest, eliminated the negative components, and combined them to create a scalable (you can grow it really, really big across large geographic areas), secure (you can’t hack what you can’t see), extensible (add any protocol or application you need to your network – event ones that haven’t been written yet), and simple (a few technicians can configure and run an enormous, extremely complex network all by themselves, easily). One of the most gratifying aspects of the protocol is that it gives the technical staff back their life!

Yes, their life.

How you ask? Because they don’t have to spend their holiday weekends rolling out new applications or adding another site. The Management tools provide an easy to use interface that enables the users to become involved as much or as little as they want.

In Summary SPB is:

– Plug and Play
– Ethernet attached
– Has a Symbiotic relationship with IP and Ethernet
– Scalable
– Uses VRF offering (16 Million)
– Creates a seamless, consistent, contextually relevant experience
– Offers One protocol that does all the routing and switching at once
– With no complexity
– Edge Only Configuration
– Protection for applications

All with major:

– Cost reduction to build and maintain network – 20-30% savings in hardware, Rackspace,
– Reduction in time to deploy. – reduce provisioning 80%
– Operational expense saving of 87% through reduction in time to service and time to deploy
– 37% of all network outage is a result of human error at the core
– 5 9’s reliability (less than 4 minutes downtime annually)
– Usage of ISID 802.1ah protocol for simplicity

SPB Offers support that includes

– 16 million services
– A Network that becomes invisible/No IP Visibility
– 1 Hop through the Fabric to the Internet for low latency
– Integrated Routing & Switching
– A Fabric that is a single state machine
– Isolation of services
– Simple endpoint provisioning
– Flexible – Multiple Services
– Secure – Separation of Networks
– Zero Touch Core
– Fabric Attach
o Zero Touch Edge
o No Clients
– The Endpoint/Client connections trigger auto configuration of ISID, VLANs, port membership, etc.
– Automatically, authenticated, authorized, and provisioned to automatically connect the client to the required services.

SPB is the foundation for:

– Automation
– A network that does not require tuning every day

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Importance of Payroll Software You have to keep in mind that payroll should be filed in the best possible way. There should be accuracy in the computation of amounts. Wages should be accurate otherwise the employee may have some questions about it. Software companies have developed programs which have the computation of these amounts a lot easier and so much more efficient as well. There are accounts which should be properly factored into the computation and this would ensure accurate results. This is how your system should go and payroll software would help achieve that. When these facilities are used, there is a guarantee that calculations would be a lot more efficient than ever before. The amount of the salary can be computed in the best possible and you would have nothing to bother you concerning this aspect in the least. You would be able to adjust the rate you programed quite easily as well. This can be done for every period without any hardship. If tax deductions are included in the computations then you have to program then in as well. You need to consider the proper net amount as much as possible because this is what the employees would be expecting. You would not have to worry about the issue of “too many employees” when you have this program to benefit from. There are various factors to keep in mind depending on the company you are running. Your company would surely benefit from these tools in a lot of ways. These programs are essential for the proper representation of accounts on financial statements. These accurate details are what the company, its employees, and the rest of the public rely on. How do you know where to find the ideal payroll software for this? You need to look at the many websites that would help you choose all the amazing options available. Choose a good software company as much as possible by reading the reviews and recommendations written online about this stuff. There are people who have also availed of the services these companies offer which you can ask for advice from as well.
What Has Changed Recently With Services?
You can keep everyone happy when you make use of these methods. Your employees would be happy and be working for you in the best possible way. This is what you need to consider as much as possible. Make sure to be smart about these issues as much as possible because this will make your company even more progressive than it already is.
Smart Tips For Finding Software
You want to earn a good reputation for your company because this is what being in the industry is all about. You can achieve this will the help of technology so make sure to explore what it has to offer you. You will definitely feel the benefits in more ways than one.

5 Cyber Threats Puzzling AngularJS Web & App Development Companies in 2016

According to Gartner, by 2020, the vulnerability of IoT would be the prime reason behind 25% of the enterprise data attack. And, 40% of the IT enterprises adhering to DevOps culture for software delivery will resort to self-testing, self-diagnosing and self-protection technologies to secure their apps. In the wake of the situation, individuals and businesses either involved in AngularJS web development or going for the web development service must know what are the key cyber threats.

Take a note of 5 cyber threats trending in 2016. Some emerged in the past, but experts warn of their intense comeback.

Retail Data Intruder

This type of malicious software target the retail websites and apps and their potential victims are no other than the innocent shoppers. The attackers trick them to reveal or submit their personal or financial details including credit, debit card information, TAN numbers, etc. through rogue software applications offered by them. This sneaky practice is also called phishing. AngularJS web developers building retail web applications need to do a serious brainstorming on the issue in order to evolve their practices and deliver robust products that can stay immune to such illicit malware.

Mobile Threats

With the desktop and laptop going the Dodo way and the smartphone becoming the dominant medium of digital consumption, hackers are also shifting their attention to the new platform. They are trying to inject the vulnerabilities into the mobile websites and apps in order to steal personal and sensitive information from consumers. Their special breed of threats can track keystrokes and capture screen. Hence, while building the shopping, messaging, healthcare or other apps that require storing the personal information of users, developers should make use of the latest security patches or updates available with the AngularJS library.

Social Media Attacks

Considering that consumers spend a significant amount of time (approx. 1.72 hours per day) on social networks, internet perpetrators have shifted their focus to social websites and apps. They are implementing sophisticated techniques to steal sensitive information such as passwords and social security numbers from users. Hence, while building social messaging websites or apps, AngularJS developers should make use of the advanced tools available with its library. Proper sandboxing should be done so that the client-side users don’t have access to the server-side template.

Healthcare Data Hacks

We agree that digitization of healthcare systems has benefitted the administrators, professionals, and patients, but the development has also made the healthcare data vulnerable to e-Threats. According to a security report, medical records are sold at a 10 times higher price than other data in the black market. Cryptowall ransomware, Dyre, and Dropper are a few malware that wrecked havoc on the healthcare sector in the past.

Hence, AngularJS developers, while building websites or apps for a healthcare client, should pay extra attention to curb such attacks. They should build web and mobile apps matching the standards of health regulators like HIPAA (US), NHS (UK), Health Canada, and others as deputed by the government of the territory where the client operates.

Attacks on Banks

Remember ‘Carbanak’ attack? In 2015, some unknown hackers succeeded in siphoning off over 500 million dollars from bank accounts of Russians, Americans, Germans and other nationals. Developers must harness the latest security features and capabilities of AngularJS and build robust apps and websites to restrict such attacks and secure the interest of stakeholders involved with their client’s business. Perhaps, this would make them earn the best accolade, i.e. client-satisfaction.

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Important Things That You Need to Know about Sony Vegas 10 There are now so many latest innovations in the field of technology and the newest offering of Sony is the Sony Vegas Pro version 10 which is known for being a pro audio and HD video editing software. As a matter of fact, the newest version in the Vegas Pro family, which is the Sony Vegas Pro version 10, is actually an upgraded version of the Vegas Pro 9 and in this version, the functionalities were altered and updated hence, making it new and improved. The ability of expediting the development of any 3D projects by only using the Stereoscopic 3D Editing is considered to be as one of the most distinctive introductions of the Sony Vegas Pro version 10. And since Sony Vegas Pro version 10 has the kind of ability that enables the development of 3D projects to expedite by only using the above mentioned 3D editing software, it also enables players to preview, edit, import, upload, and even alter stereoscopic 3D jobs without the need to any additional tools or plug-ins to perform the job. We all know for a certain that 3D projects these days are making large pushes inside the industry in the last twelve months, and because of this, it has become then key function in any of the many professional video editing applications available, which makes Sony, of all other providers out there, pursue it in due time. Apart from the above mentioned new and improved functionalities of Sony Vegas Pro version 10, another special feature being added to it is the presence of an enhanced support for closed captions which allows broadcasters the right of previewing the captions in the Trimmer windows and Video Preview as well for the purpose of increasing accuracy, reliability and also, convenience in editing. It is now much simpler and easier for the captions to be exported for Sony DVD Architect and other websites, devices and even players, thanks to the presence of the all new and improved Sony Vegas Pro version 10.
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For those of you out there who are thinking of using the content material that has been captured or caught by a digital camera that is hand held, you will eventually realize and recognize the value of having the feature image stabilization with the latest version of the Vegas Pro series which is the Sony Vegas Pro version 10, since its is very effective when it comes to losing any unwanted, unstable and unnecessary situations available.
The Best Advice on Software I’ve found
For the purpose of having company for every brand new editing features included in the Sony Vegas Pro version 10, users like you will certainly love to have some improved audio tools which allows a more accurate power of the audio effects which only means that editors will have an easy time of designating audio effects in order to have an increased flexibility when it comes to utilizing projects that are considered as multi-tracks.

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What You Should Know About Professional Medical Claims Processing Services For businesses, the area where you are specializing in should be focused on. There are areas where businesses need to allot more money and time since when looking at the whole, these can play a huge role even. There are areas that you need to invest in but the services should be outsourced. There are doctors and health care practitioners who can become active in terms of taking care of individuals and then they should focus on these skills and then improve in these areas just like balancing everything out, so the businesses can improve greatly. The same aspects should be considered with these professional medical claims processing services. It is important for people who are looking for the right professional medical claims processing services to consider those companies that can work with patients so it will not be difficult for them to connect with the insurance providers and so they can take it necessary to pay the doctors well. Many smaller clinics will usually involve doctors who are doing everything, from treatment to accounting of all receipts, but in terms of hiring the professional medical claims processing services, they can focus their time and effort taking care of the patients because an external services are handling all the side jobs that they have. It is important that you can look only at the right expert medical claims processing solutions for your needs and you can take these from either groups, companies and individuals.
Where To Start with Software and More
Before hiring these providers to offer the expert medical claims processing solutions, be sure that you know about the workforce and that they can handle these tasks. This article provides you with all the skills that you need in order to choose the right groups.
How I Became An Expert on Billing
Clients and businesses that are seeking to hire the companies that offer the expert medical claims processing solutions should make sure that they create checklist about companies that can comply to these qualities, namely, background on the field, experience in the health insurance field, keen attention to details, know how on health related guidelines, ideas on medical terms and quality customer services for all your needs. Know that you can have the best companies that provide the expert medical claims processing solutions if there are no issues that come along the way. These people that can provide the expert medical claims processing services can vary from the field of medicine they are providing the services. Be sure that you learn about these medical claims processing services when you want to use them for various medical fields whenever people need them. The right medical claims processing services are those that have the best skills or networking and entering into deals and negotiations.

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Factors to Think About When Finding a Web Development Contractor It is already a bit outdated that you will continue to run your business in today’s time without making a presence in the online world. It is advantageous to be able to have an online presence. The return on investment of the business will double or increase is only one of these benefits. There are organizations or institutions that have a message that they wish to convey and in order to do so they make an effort to have an online presence. The decision for you to build your own web site is as a matter of fact not a problem. There are actually a lot of web development contractors that you will be able to find in today’s time. This is the reason as to why the web site building process has become affordable and easy as well. As a matter of fact, there are actually factors that you need to take into consideration when you will hire a web development contractor. The first factor that should be taken into consideration is none other than a web development contractor that will be able to really be of help to you. What you have to keep in mind when it comes to hiring a web development contractor are found in a list below. For you to be able to have an assessment of your requirements first is important prior to hiring a web development contractor. You are the owner of the business which means that you need to be able to know what kind of developments you are on the search for. Do you want an e-commerce or a static web site? You will be able to make use of this kind of question in knowing what kind of web development contractor you should hire.
Smart Ideas: Websites Revisited
It is important that you will be able to know which among the web development contractors are experienced or not. You are looking for a certain kind of development but you should not hire a web development contractor that has very little experience with it. For you to be able to take a look at the portfolio of the web development contractor is important and imperative. The kind of quality of work that you will be able to get is what you will see when you take a look at the portfolio of this professional.
Discovering The Truth About Businesses
The professionalism and the knowledge of the web development contractor is what you also need to be able to hire. The right questions should be asked from the web development contractor. This is one of the many ways in order for you to be able to effectively convey what you want from the project which is why this is important.

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A Few Tips on Golf Club Management Golf game software is employed to shop and handle information related to handicap ratings and participants, clubs in a group or tournament. It is golf club professionals who organize events, together with database administration software employed by individuals. A golf tournament administrator needs to select squads and estimate outcomes while at the same time make score cards. The program performs the whole procedure. It might support approximately two hundred competitors, a variety of an endless quantity of events, five nights of competition and players in a team. The software retains full individual records of players like label, target, telephone numbers, fees, etc. Information about the type of event, the amount of holes within the class, putts, fairways, greens, profits and items is provided to the computer. Another golf application determines the golfers’ association disability rankings of specific people. It can monitor numerous various classes, or add a new course anytime. It may modify the shades and titles. It also generates an extensive array of reports like lineup reports, handicap labels, and formal golfers’ handicap card. Besides, it produces mailing labels, many enhanced golfer reports, websites, membership fees records and so much more.
A 10-Point Plan for Services (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Measurements and the accounts are stored on a drive for use. The information can also be made into HTML file structure and packed onto an internet site. The program is simple to make use of actually with a computer beginner. It takes a few moments to distribute, and measurements are quick. The improvement of existing disability rankings or the tournament could be utilized at any phase of the event.
A 10-Point Plan for Services (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Golf has become a sport that is remarkably popular around the world. The amount of nationwide, nearby and worldwide competitions used in many regions of the world has additionally improved. New golf management application packages are continuously being created to simplify the sophisticated procedure for establishing handicap rankings and preserving contest documents. To acquire the most out of your golf management application, you cannot do a lot better than to go over your figures together with your regional PGA Tutoring Expert. He, or she, will have a way to associate to what you are currently performing the training and know what to exactly center on. Your application like a PGA member that is listed can have the knowledge and the information to recognize errors in how that you reach the hole and the results you are achieving under real playing situations. This could apply a remake to your program to suit your administration requirements after getting in touch with the application builder and make it custom to your needs at the very best. But just take a look at the endless possibilities that this software offers. Possibly you will be, referring to some basics of the overall game helped by the application tips.

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How Sales Software Is Created With regards to making software sales, there are basically 2 methods to do it, first is the direct sales which involve 3 different approaches. One involves selling directly to customers. These people as well as their needs are found via marketing generated leads which are then followed up by sales team. Resellers are another known method which can be done. In regards to this procedure, resellers of any kind are selling products to customers and may also include superstores, office supply stores and software specialty stores. Last but not the least is involving national chains. For this method, the sales force work as a reseller sales manager. For the second method to make software sales, channel sales is what use. Oftentimes, this involves the utilization of wholesale distributor. These distributors are quite helpful to balance inventory between the resellers. Aside from that, if vendors are using distribution, there is no need for them to extend credit to different resellers. What they have to do rather is to extend credit to some of the distribution. Well whichever you choose to make direct sales software, many experts have agreed that proper training is what makes huge difference. Whichever method you pick for direct sales software, there are many experts who have agreed that proper training is crucial. What will make your selling venture become more profitable and at the same time, successful is having initial and ongoing training. No one is born to be a salesperson because they’re made, simply put anyone can obtain the skills needed to succeed. An excellent and good salesperson is someone who has thoroughly learned the steps of sale. The approach, prospecting, overcoming objections, presentation, closing and visualization is what included here.
What Almost No One Knows About Software
The hard and soft skills are the two components to have an effective sale. In the latter, part of this are motivation, developing relationships, understanding people and personality while overcoming objections and the approach is what hard skills are. Having proper training in these said areas is what will increase your odds of making software sales a success.
Software – My Most Valuable Tips
As of now, there’s a stiff competition in the world of software sales. Well the good thing is that, there are a number of websites, books and software programs that can be used to help your business find success. These said products give the skills needed by your sales team to succeed. Also, there are customer relationship management products that can be used to help you in keeping track of your business. Not only that, there are numerous services that can offer your business with sales leads, which is important as it can make your sales team be more effective and efficient at what they do. The ones who find success are those who got the best sales force in their arsenal with the internet driven economy we have now.

Grin Launches Live Subscriber Count Tool


(Sacramento, CA)—Grin, an influencer growth platform that enables social creators to grow faster than ever before, recently announced the launch of their free Live Subscriber Count Tool for YouTubers. This free tool enables YouTube influencers to get their subscriber count at any time without waiting for the YouTube platform to update. In turn, social creators are able to make decisions based on accurate channel statistics.

Brandon Brown, a representative of Grin, commented “Having accurate knowledge of the subscriber count is vital to consistent growth for any YouTuber. A high number of youtube subscribers is seen as a mark of success and something that all social media creators want to obtain. Unfortunately, YouTube has made a number of changes to the site which, coupled with complications introduced by subscriber bots, makes it difficult for channel owners to keep tabs on their subscribers. The good news is that our tool is making this a thing of the past.”

In recent times, YouTube’s usability improvements to their own site has had a significant impact on the reliability of the site’s live subscriber count, introducing issues for creators who rely on it to measure their performance and make decisions about their channel. Having to navigate these problems has meant that YouTube creators must wait for the social media site to “clean out” bots and inactive subscribers in order to get an accurate count of their subscribers. With the introduction of Grin’s live subscriber count tool, this is no longer the case, as content creators can now get the numbers they need in real time.

As Brown continued, “We could not be more excited about the launch of this tool. As social creators ourselves, we know firsthand the problems that plague YouTubers and how important it is to have constant access to accurate statistics. We believe that this tool delivers that. Armed with the right information to make critical decisions about their content and marketing, we know that YouTube creators and channel owners will be able to see more consistent growth and finally go to the next level.”

Visit to learn more about the Grin platform, get access to their services, and get inspired with fresh content and youtube video ideas.

About Grin:

An influencer growth platform, Grin is built for content creators who wish to grow or monetize their social following by networking with other influencers. The company works primarily with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch users.