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Dire Need of Base SAS Specialists in the IT Kingdom

Most IT companies strive with the critical problems/bottle necks arising from the highly intricate and distributed data network. It is important for the companies to understand such problems and use holistic techniques to synchronizing, align, streamline, refine, analyze, and reformat their extensive data for their different applications. It will not only help them to gain an edge, but also to organize their data in a professional way. Of course, generating hefty data reports as well as appealing formats need high level of programming resources, assets and efforts. Today, IT departments manage tons of software applications to manage, organize and analyze their data in a flexible way.

IT companies need absolute tools

Therefore, in order to reduce this complexity, it is essential to bring an absolute tool in the system that can power the whole organizations and provide the needed support to the whole enterprise in practical ways. Companies must conclude to generously align and speed up their programming efforts to lessen the rising cost and produce the analytical reports that can help in decision making.

Thanks to the Base SAS software solution that is one of the most flexible, result-oriented and powerful software environment for transforming companies. It has the ability to assemble data and create absolute business intelligence for decision makers. It includes a highly flexible and extensive 4GL, which is engineered for extensive data access and reporting.

Extensive & flexible features

It has a great library of procedures for data manipulation, information storage and much more, which makes it the best choice amongst business owners. It also helps in storing and retrieval of data and creates stunning statistical analysis that can aid in business applications. It is not only a scalable tool, but also a superior platform to empower businesses. It helps in minimizing applications development and maintenance time, which is highly crucial for any business owner.

Base SAS Certification

However, it must be noted that business owners do not have the talent and expertise to handle such exclusive Base SAS tools. For this, they need specially talented, certified, and skilled people who can handle it professionally and help companies to grow stronger. Therefore, it is important for the IT managers to take special training and guidance or base SAS certification in order to assist their companies to leap forward. It will help their companies to have analytical and statistical power, which will eventually help them to grow in a seamless fashion.

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BDD – Behavior Driven Development

Continuous Integration using Behavior Driven Development Tests for Clients recently have entailed the use of Specflow, NUnit (Like JUnit), WebDriver, Selenium, C#, HTML and similar technologies within a technology “stack”. BDD as it is called is but one key PART of a unified continuous test, build and deploy strategy employed in the software development life cycle.

BDD uses a simple “human language friendly” means of gathering the USER and OWNER expectations of what an application should do when certain actions take place within a running application, for example:

• “when I do “this”, and “this” happens

• then when “that” happens and has been “verified”,

• I will then do “this” other thing and “something else” happens.

• ETC.

The BDD process converts common sense action statements into method stubs which eventually are then developed to activate the running instance of an application/page object of the application via a POM, which is an acronym for a Page Object Model class. Each POM applies to objects within a specific screen or view of a running application..

There are also Actions that can be taken or completed via the application which are defined and accessed using the LFM (Logical Functional Model), which is the series of “methods” or “functions” that each view of the application offers to the user for operation.

Clicking a button, entering text or selecting values from a list, are all “actions” that perform business functions based on the underlying required business/application logic.

Typically what follows are some verification steps that the program uses to test and confirm that the desired actions have taken place, just for example:

• a new page is loaded

• a new value is committed to a database and confirmed

• a text value is changed in the application

• a visual element of the page is altered, rotated, updated or similar action

This kind of test automatically runs in a comprehensive application specific manner, whenever the application is updated, or expanded via a test server like Jenkins or Team City. These are instances of Build/Deployment test servers, which take the application under development, every time it is updated… and build it for the end user configuration. Then it runs the BDD tests to see if all the desired and expected outcomes and data flows, are as required.

They do this by performing a complete series of pass/fail tests, notifying pertinent team members whenever failures have occurred. They function much like a human user would, as application actions and values are tested, and expected outcomes are verified.

Whenever new behaviors are added or amended for the application, new BDD tests are continuously rebuilt and incorporated… capturing errors and unexpected regressions that may break the continuously deployed project at various integration points in the development process… sometimes tests are run very frequently because of rapid deployment teams, pushing successful changes to the build servers. Tests can be run every few hours or minutes… for that matter whenever check-in occures of newly revised or created code occurs.

BDD does NOT replace TDD (Test Driven Development ) performed by developers in the application building process. It serves to test the already unit tested application as it is or will be deployed. It is a best known practice to guarantee against regression and unexpected work flow conflicts between already deployed components of an application.

This will most likely be an application already built, tested and deployed but subsequently fails under unified deployment or changes to the grid of likely external environment scenarios.

A successful BDD plan, vigorously implemented, often acts as the last hurdle to jump, just prior to deployment of an application, assuring success within Continuous Integration contexts, where software is continuously and incrementally updated as the software is being developed.

Now that we have taken a high view of Behavior Driven Development, I intend to offer a basic presentation of some basics regarding a deployment process for a typical Jenkins Server on a not-so-typical free Amazon Web Service (EC2) that hosts a “MS Server 2012r” instance.

How Learning VBA for Excel Will Give You a Real Edge in Interviews for Front Office Positions

Before the information age, joining the market finance world required absolutely no technical knowledge. At that time, operations of all kinds and any analytical task were done manually.

However, the technological revolution has brought us to a new era where the challenge now is to automate processes as much as possible.

In the same time, this revolution also brought more talented and skilled people which made the competition very fierce to those who now aspire to join the industry. Traders that don’t know how to write code still exist, but they usually came several years ago, and are less and less desirable.

Today if you want to successfully pass an interview for a front office position, you need to know at least one programming language. The most widely used in banks (and also the easier to learn) is VBA.

First of all, what is VBA ?

VBA (Visual Basic Application) is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 1993 and is embedded into Microsoft Excel. VBA is a tool that people commonly use to develop automated programs with Excel as the user interface. VBA has some interesting features that are very useful when analyzing financial data, developing charts or format and present raw data.

It is very easy to use and is available on every computer that has Excel installed (which means virtually any computer of a bank).

Why VBA for the financial market ?

The truth is that VBA is not the best language for every finance-related applications, and it’s far from being the most powerful. But the fact that it is coupled with software that everybody knows how to use (Excel), allows it to be widely adopted by front offices at banks. Some banks are using it more than others, but what they all have in common is that some VBA is running at some point to perform day-to-day tasks.

These automated tasks can range from extracting and formatting data from Bloomberg to creating a pricing tool for a particular product. With VBA, an automated process of these kinds can be implemented in a few hours. Some other language can be better at the job, but it will require more resources and more time.

In some banks, they also have special teams of developers that rewrite VBA programs that were written in a hurry by a trader or a front office developer, using another more powerful language.

Is VBA only used by people working at a front office position ?

The beauty of VBA is that it can be used not only in Excel but in most of Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Access, Word and PowerPoint. Any computer that has one of these software can run VBA.

Therefore it makes the language very portable and can be used in other department such as Risk Management, Middle Office and Back Office units. All these departments automate custom tasks using VBA.

Why is it good to learn VBA before applying for a position?

You can try to join the industry without any prior knowledge of VBA but it is always a non-negligible advantage to have a strong command of this language. It can actually make the difference between you and another candidate who is competing for a similar position.

While it is true that you can learn the language once on the trading floor, it will always be better in the eyes of your potential future manager if you are able to understand and fix some of the tools that run daily on his perimeter as soon as you are hired. In short, your value as a candidate will increase, and for almost all positions.

OpenCart: The High-End ECommerce Solution to Build Online Stores

The process of developing an eCommerce store is quite daunting. Firstly, it becomes necessary to rely upon one proficient and workable solution which, will drive seamless business performance. Presently, there is a number of online shopping carts, provided with several functional capabilities. Considering the varied platforms, OpenCart holds a remarkable presence in the domain because of its extensive functionality.

The prime focus of any business is revenue generation. Likewise, online stores always emphasize on increasing the sales figures, while expanding online audience, which is certainly possible with OpenCart integration.

Simple Store Setup

A simple and clear setup process is one of its core benefits. Irrespective of whether you are a tech-savvy store owner or a non-advanced online merchant. With this platform, the entire task of store development becomes easy. It doesn’t need in-depth technical skills to install it. However, with experienced OpenCart developers, you can get assurance of successful accomplishment of the entire process.

Usability and Performance

Site speed is another point of concern which, greatly impacts the user experience. OpenCart shopping carts are pretty lightweight which, deploy AJAX technology for reducing the loading time, thereby increasing the store speed.

Moreover, the admin panel is easy to use and you won’t need much time to get over the learning curve. Thus, managing the store becomes as simple as cutting a pie. On the contrary, shopping carts offer possibility of deploying a set of different features to increase usability of clients including smart site structure, one page checkout, handy search and many more.

Multi-store functionality

It supports a series of multi-store functions that helps you to manage a number of stores via a single admin panel. Thus, it will allow you to:

  • Manage single inventory meant for multiple stores.
  • Use different themes meant for diverse types of shops.
  • Localize the stores across different nations by setting the various digital currencies, tax and language class.


Being open-source, its cost of installation is almost equal to 0. Compared to other popular platforms, the maintenance costs are low. Being the owner of an OpenCart-built online store, you can deal with store customization and management easily as well.

Extensions and Features

This platform is known across the industry because of its high level of functionality as it comes with an array of in-box features. Moreover, store owners can expand the store capabilities while deploying a series of 7000+ extensions.

  • 23 payment gateways.
  • Advanced report system.
  • Multiple zones.

Deciding to opt for OpenCart development certainly serves as a beneficial business proposition to cater the online business needs. Since, this platform is flexible, robust, secure and reliable, it will certainly fulfill your digital marketing needs, thereby helping you to emerge as one of the top eCommerce business players.

Ability of Dot Net Framework to Cater Varied Development Needs

Having a web application has become a requisite for businesses to grow and stand ahead of the competitors. Addressing this concern, we have become pretty aware about the dynamics of .Net framework and how it benefits in the task of web development. This platform helps companies to efficiently communicate with partners and clients, thereby delivering a vast range of services to them.

Why Consider .Net as the Superior Choice

Typically, this platform comprises of 5 basic elements including; .NET Building Block Service, Windows Enterprise Server, Windows Operating System, .NET framework and the Visual Studio.NET tool set. This technology offers the ability to seamlessly develop, deploy and use security-enhanced and connected systems and solutions.

What is the specialty of .Net framework

    • Rapid development.


    • Enhanced support for dynamic web pages.


    • Object-oriented scripting language.


    • Zero impact installation.


    • Value added security.


    • Speedy and easy data access.


  • Supporting web services.

Latest features in .Net Framework 4.6.2

Recently, release of .Net 4.6.2 has led to a series of improvements and bug fixes. Microsoft published a blog post which, highlights the changes and features in the latest version of this platform. This refined version brings about a number of improvements which, end users will take advantage of. Some of its key advancements are per-monitor DPI support, extensive support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

Core Advantages of .Net

    • This platform efficiently minimizes the amount of code needed to develop complex and large applications which, can speed up the development process, thereby downsizing the development cost.


    • Smart caching technologies, just-in-time compilation and native optimization drastically maximize the overall application performance.


    • This framework supports different types of languages and allows you to choose the language which, appears as the ideal choice for your application.


    • It boasts the feature of cross-platform migration.


    • It offers simplicity and makes it easy to complete the tasks including deployment and configuration.


    • It features a broad class library including a number of common tasks and ready-to-use custom web controls which, allow development of professional applications without any need of building from the scratch.


    • It ensures high security and reliability because of the in-built Windows authentication and per-application configuration.


  • It stays updated as per the latest technological requirements.

This platform serves as the most appropriate option to build greater online visibility and thus, rely on an experienced Dotnet developer to deploy this platform at its best. Irrespective of whether you need to develop an online application, develop modules for the existing web applications or build a business website, .Net offers you with an integrated framework to cater your diverse requirements