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5 Key Pointers to Consider Before Choosing a Shopify Theme

The design of your eCommerce store is a core aspect to note while considering the online business. Perhaps, it is the first thing of your company which, a customer observes before buying a product and thus, you need to do it rightly. The theme store of Shopify hosts hundreds of great themes and making the right choice might be a bit daunting.

Addressing the concern, following here are some of the must-have features to look on before choosing a Shopify theme.

Simple Navigation

A barrier mostly faced by online shoppers is: navigating the products themselves and while you are stocking a number of brilliant brands, it becomes intimidating enough to keep the navigation down to least. It is essential to select a theme which, will help you to have least number of ‘levels’ to the navigation as possible.

Responsive without Sacrifice

All the themes of the Shopify theme store are mobile friendly, since, it is a part of the guidelines that; a theme needs to go through some considerations before getting acceptance on the store.

Large, beautiful videos and photos

Your lifestyle and product imagery offers you the platform to showcase your offers and updates to customers. Thus, keep note of the fact that: the chosen Shopify theme includes large, prominent imagery, thereby helping you to make the most of it. If you are willing to embed videos for promoting your brand and products, make sure that the theme has proper functionality to directly insert videos into a series of core areas around the store.

A well-designed blog

The to-be-developed store requires to cover all the content marketing aspects and thus, it is necessary to have a well-designed, well-thought-out blog while choosing a Shopify theme. It is something often forgotten by the developers and tacked at the end of the entire development process. Thus, make sure to browse the preview store of the theme, thereby seeing appearance of the blog section.

Proper Support and Documentation

Operating an online store is not merely about customer satisfaction and thus, as a retailer, you have to stay rational as well. If something goes amiss with the chosen theme during the tweaking development stage, make sure that you are having a good support network backed up.

Final Word

The primal thing to note while browsing the varied options is; whether the theme is right or wrong for the brand and the industry you belong to. Thus, if you are struggling to select the perfect theme for the Shopify store, it will be ideal to seek expert help of experienced Shopify Developers.

Dire Need of Base SAS Specialists in the IT Kingdom

Most IT companies strive with the critical problems/bottle necks arising from the highly intricate and distributed data network. It is important for the companies to understand such problems and use holistic techniques to synchronizing, align, streamline, refine, analyze, and reformat their extensive data for their different applications. It will not only help them to gain an edge, but also to organize their data in a professional way. Of course, generating hefty data reports as well as appealing formats need high level of programming resources, assets and efforts. Today, IT departments manage tons of software applications to manage, organize and analyze their data in a flexible way.

IT companies need absolute tools

Therefore, in order to reduce this complexity, it is essential to bring an absolute tool in the system that can power the whole organizations and provide the needed support to the whole enterprise in practical ways. Companies must conclude to generously align and speed up their programming efforts to lessen the rising cost and produce the analytical reports that can help in decision making.

Thanks to the Base SAS software solution that is one of the most flexible, result-oriented and powerful software environment for transforming companies. It has the ability to assemble data and create absolute business intelligence for decision makers. It includes a highly flexible and extensive 4GL, which is engineered for extensive data access and reporting.

Extensive & flexible features

It has a great library of procedures for data manipulation, information storage and much more, which makes it the best choice amongst business owners. It also helps in storing and retrieval of data and creates stunning statistical analysis that can aid in business applications. It is not only a scalable tool, but also a superior platform to empower businesses. It helps in minimizing applications development and maintenance time, which is highly crucial for any business owner.

Base SAS Certification

However, it must be noted that business owners do not have the talent and expertise to handle such exclusive Base SAS tools. For this, they need specially talented, certified, and skilled people who can handle it professionally and help companies to grow stronger. Therefore, it is important for the IT managers to take special training and guidance or base SAS certification in order to assist their companies to leap forward. It will help their companies to have analytical and statistical power, which will eventually help them to grow in a seamless fashion.

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Learn How To Develop Your Magento Community

Do you have a website running on the Magento platform? If yes, then the first thing you need to do for getting more number of sellers and buyers on your eCommerce store is by creating a Magento community. To make a profit from your store and create satisfied customers you need to have a good community on and outside the Magento website. Again it is better than managing a blog or creating a Facebook page as it provides a community based on the market trends and user data.

So, if you too are into Magento e-commerce development, here you have some amazing ideas which will help you build the Magento community.

1. Brand awareness
Brand awareness is very crucial when it comes to a successful online community. To start with, you can go for social media emails, blogs, etc. or you can look for ways to instruct your sponsors to improve brand awareness. You can even influence your buyers by pointing out the possible benefits of competition in the field. Simply, let’s keep it this way – brand awareness is very important for building a Magento Community.

2. Go social
It is quite surprising to believe the fact that many online businesses are not reaping benefits of the social media sites. Many businesses are failing to do so even though it is one of the best marketplaces for your store. The online stores making use of the social media platforms should make sure to get the maximum out of the advertisements as well as content part.

While you make entry into the world of social media space make sure you have some objectives set in prior. In the beginning, add pictures of products as well as add promotional contents. Understand that visuals will get more attention and will ultimately help you get more sales as well as increase the interest of sellers and buyers. So if your focus is on improved shopping experience on your website, try to make the online community stronger.

3. Provide apropos content
Your users should find a better reason to stay in the community. So better go for the option to create a blog section and update it regularly. Keep on adding relevant contents which will interest your users. You can even add a forum to open up discussions.

4. Keep a watch
Once you have users on social media platforms talking and staying, start looking for data. Check your social media sites and marketplace where you have visitors and check out things like how they are navigating the site, etc. This data will help to improve your marketing techniques as well as set your content strategies. These steps will help you improve your sales.

5. Seller & buyer benefits
The loyalty and trust of your customers will help you grow your community. You can improve it by encouraging conversations on the social media platforms. Then you can make use of the loyalty programmes and seller & buyer benefits to build your community. This can be something like how community or sellers inform the buyers on social media about the promotions, new products, exclusive deals, etc.

From Fiction To Reality The Evolution Of Beacon Technology

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, gradually turning every science fiction into reality. Beacon technology is one of those technological advancements, which was once a figment of the imagination of many researchers. Let’s have a look at how beacon technology is evolving and changing our business world.

What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a tiny, battery-powered, wireless, low-cost sensor with a built-in Bluetooth chip device that works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It allows Bluetooth enabled devices to receive data within short distances.

Beacon device is designed in such a way that it is easy to fix anywhere and can be efficiently used by everyone. It continuously broadcasts a radio signal, and when a device receives this signal it reads the beacon’s ID and triggers the action in the smartphone app based on the proximity of the beacon. What makes a beacon technology different is its ability to “wake up” an app, which is not open but has been downloaded on the Smartphone.

Deep Dive into Beacon Technology

Most beacons use BLE technology / Bluetooth Smart Technology as it requires low energy consumption and low implementation cost. The technology only allows for small amounts of data transmission, and it is the reason most beacons only transmit their IDs.

Beacon IDs consists of three values:

  • Universally unique identifier (UUID)
  • Major value
  • Minor value

The purpose of transmitting the ID is to distinguish a beacon from all other beacons in a network. Major and Minor values are the integer values assigned to the beacon, for greater accuracy in identification. Beacon also carries information about its signal power to determine the proximity of the source.


iBeacon is a brand name created by Apple Inc., which was first presented at the World Wide Developer’s Conference in 2014 as part of Apple’s iOS 7. It is a technology innovation of Apple that has been implemented in the location framework in iOS 7 and newer operating systems. As described above, iBeacon uses BLE technology to sense proximity and transmit a UUID, which triggers an action in a compatible app or operating system.

Eddystone – A Game Changer

In response to iBeacons, Google came up with its beacon project called Eddystone on July 14, 2015, with more open and flexible approach. Eddystone is Google’s open-source, cross-platform BLE beacon format. While Apple’s iBeacon only works with iOS devices, Eddystone works with both Android and iOS devices. Unlike iBeacons, they broadcast not only their UUID but also pre-programmed web page URLs and thus don’t require the installation of specific apps. The URL could be a regular web page providing relevant information, for e.g. a beacon next to a restaurant can broadcast a link to a YouTube clip or their specialty menu. Certainly, Eddystone will bring in new IoT use cases.

Beacons Empowered

With this drastic rise in beacon technology, companies are investing in this technology to generate greater revenues. Here I have given a brief detail about how retail industry is utilizing and availing benefits of beacon technology.

Smart Retail

The rapidly growing e-Commerce industry has resulted in the decrease of footfall and in-store sales for both the small-time retailers and big brands. In-stores have understood that they have to mimic e-commerce in the areas of personalized offers and shopping experiences.

Thus, Retail is a critical area where beacons are expected to bring huge impact – from proximity marketing to contactless payments to in-store analytics. 85% of the retail industry is expected to leverage beacon technology by the end of the year 2016. Beacons may seem like hype today, but let’s have a glance at few of its revolutionary aspects.

Beacons send location awareness alerts, updates on merchandise/products, and promotional notifications to tempt a passerby to enter the store. It can also be used to analyse customers who walk past the store and their visit duration. This analysis will help in making strategic decisions on product display.

Beacons use in-store navigation and provide real-world analytics like:

  • The areas and items a customer likes to explore
  • Where a customer spent most of her/his time
  • What and when s/he makes a purchase
  • Most in-store rushed locations
  • In-store deserted locations
  • Busiest days of the store
  • Number of people who walk into their store per day

These data provides insight into customer behavior and store performance. This analysis will help the retailers to organize their products, prices and place their products in strategic locations on strategic days and time. By knowing the repeated visitors to the store, retailers can reward those customers with loyalty benefits for their purchase.

Beacon makes a customer’s in-store journey personalized and unique. It fetches data from the wish list of a customer and notifies him when he comes across that particular product. It also recommends products based on price, quality, and offers to provide better in-store experience.

The customers who have already set up their payment information through their smartphone can use a connected beacon and complete their purchase by processing their payment (a.k.a contactless payment) without waiting in long queues. When a payment is done, the stock will be automatically updated.

Why You Should Learn Coding

You’re never too old to learn how to code. Neither are you likely to be too young to.

Laurie Alaoui, a 57-year old student at the General assembly, a coding education program, started on this dream when she was inspired by a TEDtalk on augmented reality and gesture technology called SixthSense, developed in the MIT Media Lab, according to this article by Selena Larson from The Kernel magazine.

“He put it on open source, which I had never heard of before, and that means it’s up on the Web and you can take it down and you can use the code to do what you please. I thought it’s so amazing, and he’s just giving it away.” gushed Laurie when she was describing her impressions of the presenter using the tips of felt pens to move photographs across a screen and displaying a watch face on his arm by gesturing in the demonstration.

Given the relative ubiquity, and pervasiveness, of technology in today’s society, the importance of computing and the very thing that drives most of its functionality – coding – cannot be overstated. Age is no barrier or protection from the daily usage of things necessitated by coding; it could be easy to use appliances or computers at face value currently, but as technology becomes more complex it may become important to acquire a keener understanding into how the gadgetry around us works.

So, why should you code? Aside from challenging your learning horizons, here are some practical reasons highlighting why this increasingly universal language isn’t just for the computing geeks or engineers:

1. Coding provides a huge competitive advantage, no matter your background.

Companies, corporations and even government bodies are looking at how you can value-add to an organisation, and if you came fresh out of college with a (relatively) common degree, such as the natural sciences and the liberal arts, chances are that there are many other hopeful applicants for that job having a similar skillset. According to, there are 71% of STEM jobs in computing, and only 8% of these graduates from computer Science. In this backdrop of labour and skill shortage, being able to code not only opens up your options and makes you far more attractive to any prospective employer (especially in the STEM industry), but also provides a massive help should you strike it out on your own, such as creating a start-up or running a franchise on your own.

2. Coding helps to build crucial skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

It certainly isn’t easy coming up with algorithms and looking at how exactly a line of code translates into a specific function, be it a computer program, or a HTML code powering a website. However, when coming up with different parameters and ironing out bugs, the method of framing your thoughts while performing such tasks can be translated to daily life. With more organised methods of sifting through variables and delving into how things work, you could perhaps find more efficient ways to clear household chores – such as troubleshooting a bathroom leak, or even fixing a car breakdown without losing calm and patience. Thinking out of the box is also one positive takeaway from the time you spend coming up with novel ways of getting your code to work- perhaps creatively coming up with ways to impress your loved one might earn you more brownie points!

3. It’s lots of satisfying fun!

Yep, it may be logic-based and structured, but it’s indisputably an activity that requires a lot of creativity. Lines of code are only half the story; being able to employ your other talents (such as art skills in designing, in creating a simple game or website) simultaneously adds to the fun and intrigue! There are innumerable ways in which you can combine coding with your innate interests or talent. Of course, whether you look at the creation process or finished product, it’s always satisfying to see how far you’ve come, and what you’ve accomplished.